Before Setting Up Your Store

Before you create your account, here are a few things that you will need,
as well as some others that may be helpful to have. 

What you will need:

General Information
  • Store Name ~ A name for your store
  • Store Description ~ A little bit about yourself and what you plan to offer on LeeFee Market
  • Store Contact Information ~ So we can get in touch with you.
Opening a Stripe Acccount:

We use Stripe to handle payments on LeeFee Market.  We have tried using other providers, and right now Stripe best fits the needs of LeeFee Market, it’s customers, and its vendors.  You do not need to already have a stripe account when you sign up for LeeFee Market, but you can connect to your existing account if you do.  If you don’t have a stripe account, then you can create one during your LeeFee Market store setup wizard (you will be directed to the Stripe website).  Don’t worry – they make it pretty easy.

  • Business Contact Information ~ If it’s just you, then that will be your personal contact information
  • EIN or SSN ~ If you don’t know what an EIN is, then you probably don’t need one.  If you’re opening an account as. a business, you can use your EIN, otherwise you can just use your social security number.  (Since businesses don’t have social security numbers, an EIN – Employee Identification Number is what the IRS uses to identify businesses instead.)
  • Bank Account Information (or debit card) ~ Stripe needs a place to send your money!  Have your routing and account numbers ready. (How do I find my routing and account numbers?)

What you may want:

  • Store Logo ~ A small logo for display on your store page and on your products. Make sure this is square!  Otherwise, It may appear squeezed/stretched when it shows up. There is a basic default logo that will show if you don’t use your own. (Preferred size 125×125 pixels)
  • Store Banners ~ Image(s) to display as a banner for your store.  One for display across the top of your store page, one for display on mobile devices, and one for display on “Search for stores” listings.  These images can be all the same or different. There are also default images in place if you do not want to use your own
Store Policies

With LeeFee Market, you ca set your own rules and policies.  (If for individual products you need different policies, you can do that too!)  ..If you’d like some inspiration to get you started, check out some store policy examples.

  • Shipping Policy ~ How often do you usually ship? Do certain things ship separately? Are there specific services you use exclusively? ..or anything else customers would need to know about how you ship things
  • Refund/Return Policy ~ Do you always provide a refund?  Are there certain things people need to do to get a refund?  Do you refund the full amount? Do you want people to send things back if there’s a problem?
  • Replacement PolicyIf a plant dies or something arrives damaged, will you replace it?
Store Verification

After you register and finish the setup wizard, you’ll be able to add up to 5 products.  If you want to lift this limit (and show the green-thumb verification badge for your store), all you have to do is submit photo ID so we can make sure that you are you.  If you want to get that done quickly, then you may want to have a picture or scanned copy of your ID ready to go when you sign up.

  • Photo ID ~ A digital copy of any government issued photo identification: Driver’s License, Passport, etc