Choosing Attributes

This is where you have an opportunity to make your plants seeds or bulbs “searchable”. This information will show up up your product listing, will be e-mailed to customers when they purchase your product, and customers will be able to search for products based on what you enter here.

When selecting attributes, check off ONLY the attributes that you are sure apply to your plant (seeds, etc).  If you are not sure, do some research first.  You can always come back and include additional attributes later.

This is how customers can search and find the plants that fit their needs, and there’s nothing more frustrating than finding a listing that has nothing to do with what you’re looking for.  So, do NOT check off a bunch of extra attributes, thinking this will drive more traffic to your listing, It will not – what it will do is get you removed from LeeFee Market.


  • These Attributes are for Plants, Seeds, and Roots/Tubers/Bulbs only.  If you sell other things, and have ideas on what attributes would be good to use, please let us know!
  • If you’re selling dried material, teas etc:  You can certainly put information about the plant and its attributes in the description however do not click any of these attributes on your product add/manage page. People use these attributes to find things they intend to grow.
  • In many places it can be illegal to sell Threatened or Endangered Plants.  This is done to protect wild plants from poachers.  If you’re selling something that is considered at risk, endangered, or threatened.  Make sure that
    ~ It is legal to sell, and
    ~ You are either propagating the plant, or harvesting it in the wild in a sustainable way.  The whole point of selling these types plants is to create more of them!
  • Rare, At Risk, Endangered, and Threatened are terms that have different meanings in different contexts.  Here, these terms mean:

    Rare: An unusual or interesting variety that may be difficult to find (Not considered at risk, threatened or endangered)
    At Risk: A species that’s in decline, but not yet endangered or threatened.
    Threatened: A species that is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future.
    Endangered: A species in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

  • Include the zone hardiness even for houseplants; all plants are native somewhere!
  • Safe for Pets is a section mostly intended for houseplants
  • If you’re not sure what an attribute is for DON’T use it!  Do a little research first.  You can also find out how customers will use these to search for plants here.