Coming Features

We have big plans! These are many of the features we intend to add to LeeFee Market.

If there’s a feature you want to see come into being, that isn’t already on our list, PLEASE LET US KNOW.
We won’t know what our users want unless you tell us.

Before launching, we weighed our options:
     – Add and test every possible feature we could ever want, and keep waiting for an indefinite amount of time, or
     – Make LeeFee Market available as soon as we could, while continuing to add features over time that will make it better.

We ultimately decided it would be better to get things going ASAP, than to make everyone wait.  We have something that we’re happy with, but we’ll be even happier with when we add some or all of our planned improvements, as well as the ones we haven’t thought of yet!

LeeFee Local Completed!

Craigslist, Facebook groups, and mailing lists can be a great way to stay in the loop on local plants for sale, but anyone who’s tried to buy or sell plants this way knows how much of a hassle it can become. LeeFee Local will allow you to buy and sell plants near you, without having to deal with e-mails asking “is this still available?”  You’ll be able to use the same LeeFee Market interface, to list and search for plants near you, making local plant sales faster and easier so you can spend more time in the garden.

Here’s how it will work: When sellers post a product, they’ll be able to choose to list that product for sale on LeeFee Local. Then, when customers are browsing, they can search for what’s near them.  They’ll still be able to place their orders through LeeFee Market.  As a vendor you can set your rules: meet every person, and bond over plants, or maybe just leave orders on the porch!

Attributes Specific to House Plants

Right now most of our attributes are for outdoor plants.  We plan to add a set of attributes just for house plants (Watering, Soil, and Light) ASAP.  If you know of other attributes that you think we should include for house plants, please let us know!

Attributes Specific to Different Plant-Types

If there are attributes that are specific to your plant type (Roses, Orchids, Ferns, ..), then let us know what you would like to see available for your plant, and we’ll try to include it in our list of attributes.

How it will work: When a customer selects that plant type from our search filters, an additional section of attributes just for that plant will show up.  To keep things from getting confusing when adding a product, it will work the same way for vendors adding attributes.


Help you quickly understand terms you haven’t seen before.  (Or maybe a refresher on ones that you have!)

LeeFee Social

Find other LeeFee Market users and connect with those who share your love of plants; host/attend expert lessons and video conferences; share and find all your plant wisdom, humor, and art.

LeeFee Wiki

An online user-generated encyclopedia of plant information easily accessed from your vendor dashboard as well as on the front-end of LeeFee Market.  When posting a plant for sale, you’ll be able to search LeeFee to see if there’s an entry for your plant.  If one doesn’t exist yet, and you want to share your knowledge, then you’ll have an opportunity to share what you know with other plant-lovers.  LeeFee Wiki will be completely free and community-based.

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