Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs:

LeeFee Market is an online marketplace designed specifically for plants.
Made by Plant-Lovers for Plant-Lovers

Think craigslist / facebook marketplace, but tailor-made for plants!  Manage stock and set your own pickup rules. When you list on LeeFee Market, you can make your item(s) available for shipping, pick-up, or both!  After Customers complete their order online, they receive an e-mail with your Pick-Up Instructions.

We don’t want you to have to waste time on customers that may or may not ever show up, or have to ever answer the perennial and ubiquitous question: “Is this still available?”

We began our stewardship of 100+ acres of mountain land in Upstate NY over 20 years ago.  Our focus and purpose on this land is to provide stewardship and sanctuary for the Natural world to maintain it’s own balance with minimal interference from humans.  To remain wild and free.  To explore the sacred bond between Earth and humans.  We are a plant, wildlife and butterfly sanctuary.

We use the proceeds from LeeFee Market to support and fund the maintenance and expansion of native and pollinating species of plants, expanding the lands that we steward, providing habitat and refuge for animals, insects, birds and more.  We wish to share this magical space with people that love and respect the Earth, who wish to contribute to a conservation project through their own presence and mindfulness.

As LeeFee Market evolves we hope to be able to contribute to other projects that protect and support the Earth and all the dwell on her.  We will keep growing and evolving, just like our Green Friends!

We love what we do..

LeeFee Market was made by plant-lovers for plant-lovers. We completely get where you’re coming from. To us, LeeFee Market is a labor of love. We’re having a really good time, and we hope that you will too.

We’re good listeners

We’re doing this for you! We’re hear to listen to what you have to say, and shape the future of LeeFee Market based on the needs of it’s users.

Support Conservation

Proceeds are used to fund land stewardship projects to help protect Earth’s ecosystem.

Ease of Use

(We Hope!) We have done our level best to make LeeFee Market easy to use for both buyers and sellers. We know not everyone is a tech expert and you shouldn’t have to be! We want LeeFee Market to be a place where buyers and sellers can enjoy the experience of finding things they are looking for as well as wonderful surprises that they weren’t expecting. It is free to get started, and you don’t have to list anything until you’re ready.

Participate at your level.

We allow seller participation at every level, from selling just one packet of seeds, to managing a large nursery with vast offerings.

Growing Guides and Instructions

Growing Guides and Instructions that you include with a listing, are automatically emailed to customers after their purchase!  When making a listing, vendors have the option to include a Growing Guide, Product Instructions, Unpacking Instructions and/or Storage Instructions that will show up on the product page as well as be e-mailed to customers when they place an order.

Attributes and Search Filters

We have a substantial and carefully-considered set of search filters designed to make it easy for you as a vendor to inform customers, and easy for you as a customer to find what you’re looking for.

Verified Badge

     The Green Thumb Icon shows up on Verified Stores.  To become verified, stores usually have to submit some form of photo ID to LeeFee Market, so that we can make sure they’re real.  Stores without verification can only have up to five products in their store. 

Customer FAQs:

Questions related to an order you’ve already placed

Make sure you’re logged in. Under your “My Account” menu, navigate to your “My Orders” page.  There, you should be able to open a new support ticket for your order.

Questions related to a specific product

Navigate to that product’s page, and follow the link labelled “Ask a Question”.  You should find it near the “Add to Cart” button.

Anything else

You can go to that Store’s page, and there will be a link at the top labelled “Ask a Question”


If you just realized that you don’t actually have a question for a particular store or product, but instead have a question for LeeFee Market, you can always contact us here.

There are three common situations that can make this happen:

  • There aren’t enough left to fulfill your order
  • The vendor took that product down
  • You were trying to purchase from multiple stores at the same time
    (For now, you can place orders for one store at a time.  If you want to keep track of items, you can always add them to your wishlist)

Just one for now!  We’d love to allow you to buy from multiple shops at the same time, but because of how our payment system works, we have to keep it to one.  If you want to keep track of items from different shops, you can log in and add them to your wishlist.

Vendor FAQs:

We use Stripe Connect to manage all payments.  A percentage of each sale  goes to LeeFee Market to keep the lights on, support conservation, and continue to improve the site.  Stripe collects a transaction fee, and the rest goes directly to your Stripe Account.

You don’t need to have a Stripe account beforehand, but if you do already have a stripe account, you can connect it to LeeFee Market when you create your vendor account.  You can find out more about Stripe and Stripe Fees on their website.

(Stripe is a BIG company that wears many different hats. Depending on where you go on their website, there can be a lot of information, but don’t be intimidated: Much of it only applies to web-programmers.  “API” is a term that shows up a lot on their site.  It means “Application Programming Interface”, and it’s how the LeeFee Market software talks to Stripe.  It’s probably not something that you’ll ever have to worry about.)

LeeFee Market is an online marketplace for your

  • Plants
  • Seeds
  • Roots/Tubers/Bulbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Garden Tools
  • Books
  • Beneficial Insects
  • Soil Amendments
  • Dried Plant Materials
  • Creations made from your plant materials
  • Or anything else garden or plant-related

Basically, you can’t sell anything that breaks laws or that has nothing to do with plants, gardening, etc.  For example:

  • Patented Plants without a license
  • Trademarked Plants without a license (when sold under the trademarked name)
  • Controlled or Regulated Plants (without the required licenses or registrations)
  • Car parts, dog food, etc.

When you first create a store, you are not yet “Verified.”  To become verified, just scan or take a picture of photo ID and submit it to us here.  Once we receive it and approve your store, the Green Thumb will show up on your Store Page, and the five-product limit will be lifted!

If someone has contacted you either through an inquiry or by submitting a support ticket, you can respond to them directly in your Store Manager.

If a customer has placed an order, and they haven’t already contacted you, you can add a note to their order, and they will be notified by e-mail.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.

(If you’re a vendor, make sure to check the Quick Links in the Navigation Menu at the top of the page)