Flat Rate – Shipping Profiles

To use Flat Rate shipping, you have to do two simple things: Set-up at least one shipping profile; and choose to use that profile.

Creating Flat Rate Shipping Profiles

Flat Rate Shipping Profiles are much easier than they look. To set one up, start by going to your shipping profile manager. Click on ‘Add Profile’, give your new profile a name, and set your rates.

Same Rate Everywhere:

If you want to use this profile to have the same shipping everywhere, then just select the region as ‘United States’, enter a rate, click save, and you’re done! Just choose to use this profile on your product add/manage page, and you will charge one flat rate for everybody everywhere.

(Don’t worry about where it says ‘State/Country’ or ‘Add Rate’, those are just there if you want to get more specific with your rates.)

Different State – Different Rate

If you want to charge different rates for different states, start with the above (Same Rate Everywhere). It will set a default flat rate that you can over-ride for specific states.

To set a different rate for a specific state, select the state, and set the rate.

In this example, it will charge customers $3 shipping if they live in Arizona, and $9.50 if they live anywhere else in the US. If you want to add rates for more states, just click the little plus sign.

Remember to save when you’re done!

Using your Profile

You can now use your Flat Rate Shipping Profile on your product add/manage page. Under the Shipping tab (at the bottom of the page), select Flat Rate, and pick the profile you want to use.

Calculation Method:
– If you want to charge the flat rate just once, regardless of how many of this item a customer buys, choose ‘Apply rate once per product‘.
– If you want to charge the flat rate once for every quantity that a customer puts in their cart, then choose ‘Apply rate once per quantity‘. To limit the number of times that the shipping rate gets added, you can enter a Maximum Charge (in dollars).