Live Rates

Live rates are calculated “live” – hence the name.

In order to do live rates, LeeFee Market’s software puts together two lists:
– A list of the products someone wants to buy (including how much they weigh and how big they are), and
– A list of the boxes available to ship them in.
LeeFee Market then sends this information out to shipping companies, who figure out how much postage should cost for various shipping services and sends this information back. Depending on the shipping services you’ve chosen to use, the shipping costs get shown to the customer who can pick which one works best for them.

In order for these calculations to be done, LeeFee Market has to know:

  • How big your items are.
  • What boxes you have to ship them in.
  • What shipping services you want to use.

– You can set the size and weight of your items on your product add/manage pages;
– The boxes can be configured in the Shipping section of your Store Settings; and
– The shipping services you want to use, are also configured in the Shipping section of your Store Settings.


If you don’t want to take the time right now to add different sized boxes, you CAN simply add one large box that would fit any of your products. Shipping rates at checkout will depend on how many boxes your shipment goes in, so having different-sized boxes will result in more nuanced and accurate shipping rates.

(More helpful information coming soon!)

Shipping Services

(More helpful information coming soon!)