Sample Store Policies

We know a blank page can sometimes be intimidating.  These are just some ideas to help get you started. They’re not intended to be copied verbatim.

T here’s no one right way to do this – just think about your situation, and figure what what is going to work for you.  You should set policies for your store (they will automatically apply to all your products), but you can also override these policies for any individual product .

Shipping Policy

Example 1: Except for seasonal pre-orders, most orders will ship out every Monday.  We are very busy all week, and try to do all our packing and shipping at once. We use USPS exclusively, as there is no UPS or Fedex pickup available out here and the nearest town is too far away.

Example 2: We do our best to ship orders within 24 hours.  All orders ship with UPS.

Example 3: Orders ship within 7 business days, using the shipping method chosen during checkout.

Example 4: All orders will ship within 2 weeks

Return/Refund Policy

Example 1: If you follow our guides and your plants don’t survive, let us know!  We’ll give you a full refund if you contact us within 45 days of your purchase.  

Example 2: While we’d love to be able to offer refunds, due to our present situation we cannot provide refunds under any circumstances.

Example 3: We’ll refund any plants that arrive in an unusable condition.  Take photos and contact us within 24 hours of receiving your package.  (This applies only to our plants – we do not provide refunds for our seeds and soil amendments)

Example 4:  We accept returns on any of our garden tools, as long as the item is unopened and unused – you the customer are responsible for shipping charges, and there is a 20% restocking fee.

Example 5:  If something is missing from your order, let us know and we’ll either give you. refund, or ship out your missing plants (if we have them).  However, we are not responsible if you order the wrong thing, or for damaged or lost packages.

Replacement Policy

Example 1: If you follow our guides and your plants don’t survive, let us know!  We’ll send replacements if you contact us within 35 days of your purchase.  

Example 2:  If your plants arrive severely damaged, we maybe able to send replacement(s).  Make sure to take photos!

Some situations you may want to think about, and address in your policies:

    • You accidentally pack the order wrong (missing or wrong items)
    • Items arrive damaged (but the packaging is fine)
    • Items arrive damaged (and the packaging is damaged too)
    • A package is lost by the carrier (USPS, UPS, etc)
    • A package is stolen after it’s delivered
    • A package gets delayed, and your plants (or perishables), arrive dead or unusable
    • A customer wants to cancel their order
    • A customer accidentally buys the wrong thing
    • A customer enters the wrong shipping address
    • You enter the wrong shipping address

You can make your policies however you need to, but it can be a good idea to address potential problems BEFORE they arise.  Having a clear policy in place will help avoid disputes.