5 out of 5

A Promise to Gaia

A Promise to Gaia is a not-for-profit land stewardship/conservation project in Upstate NY.  Our focus and purpose on this land is to provide stewardship and sanctuary for the Natural world to maintain it’s own balance with minimal interference from humans. To remain wild and free.

The seeds, plants etc. we sell are from this sacred land and the proceeds are to support and fund the maintenance and expansion of native and pollinating species of plants, expanding the area that we steward, providing habitat and refuge for animals, insects, birds and more.expanding the lands we steward, building pollinator habitats, a food forest garden and more.  We are a plant, wildlife and butterfly sanctuary.

This land will be protected by a legal entity and trust that will allow it to be available to those that seek the solace of nature for years to come. Thank you for all you do to support & protect the Earth/Gaia.

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