LeeFee Market Logo Welcome to LeeFee Market!

An online marketplace where you can buy and sell the plants (seeds, roots, tubers) of your dreams — get your Green on!

How it happened:

I am a plant addict always looking for wonderful green additions to our land. I also have many plant children that need homes and live far from civilization. So I thought, why not have a Marketplace where people can buy, sell and trade for the green things they didn’t even know they needed!

We have an organic farm and retreat center in Upstate NY, a haven of peace and tranquility in a crazy world and we (my husband Brian & I) produce over 600 alternative health products, made from and with the participation of our green friends.

Thanks for being part of LeeFee Market! ~Rachel

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(We expect to be off and running by early 2020)

^Clearly that didn’t happen^
Due to COVID-19 we got a little delayed.  We’re still plugging away and expect to launch this year, hopefully in the next month or so.  Check out a preview picture of the test site below!