Vendor Resources


Packing your plants for shipment doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Remember that many have been shipping plants for a long time..  A little patience, and preparation can pay off.  We have plans to feature our own plant packing guide(s).   Until then, check out some of the resources below. (If you feel like you’re a plant-packing expert, and would like your store featured, let us know!)


There are a lot of options out there for buying postage and printing shipping labels:, Endicia, Shippo, ShipStation, directly from shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, and Fedex.  We’ve worked with many of these companies, and our personal favorite is easily Pirate Ship.  There’s no monthly fee, it’s easy to get started, they have great rates, their interface is a lot easier to work with than many of their competitors, and they didn’t pay us to say any of this.  We highly recommend checking them out!

Shipping Restrictions

There are a number of restrictions on what plants, pests, and soil can cross state lines.  Unfortunately, most of the restrictions are defined by the destination state, and as of yet we can’t seem to find a repository that has all the regulations in one place.  Until we make one ourselves, here are some resources to help you figure out where you can and can’t ship your plants.  (In some areas of the country, there are heavy restrictions on soil entering the state, but bare-root plants are OK.)


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you may find some helpful information in the following articles.  If you want to use someone else’s images for your listings, that’s OK, just make sure you have the right permission from them.  A good place to find free commercial-use-licensed images is Pixabay

Plant Information

There is a ton of plant information out there!  While you shouldn’t copy information into your listings from other places (without their permission), there are a number of great resources.  If you want to find out more about your plant, you can find a lot with a simple internet search.  We have plans to incorporate our own plant information resource into LeeFee Market – You can read more about it in our Coming Features.