What makes us special

We love what we do.  ~ LeeFee Market was made by plant-lovers for plant-lovers. We completely get where you’re coming from. To us, LeeFee Market is a labor of love. We’re having a really good time, and we hope that you are too.

Adaptability. ~ We’re doing this for you! We’re hear to listen to what you have to say. Help us shape LeeFee Market into what it will become.

We’re here for the earth (not for ourselves). ~ Proceeds are used to fund land stewardship projects to help protect Earth’s ecosystem.

Usability ~ We have done our level best to make LeeFee Market easy to use for both buyers and sellers.We know not everyone is a tech expert and you shouldn’t have to be! We want LeeFee Market to be fun and to be a place where buyers and sellers can enjoy the experience of finding what they are looking for as well as wonderful surprises that they weren’t expecting. It is free to get started, and you don’t have to list anything until you’re ready.

Participate at your own level. ~ We allow seller participation at every level, from selling just one packet of seeds, to managing a large nursery with vast offerings.

Some of our current features

Search Filters ~ We have a substantial and carefully-considered set of search filters designed to make it easy for you as a vendor to inform customers, and easy for you as a customer to find what you’re looking for.

Growing Guides and Instructions automatically emailed to customers after purchase ~ When creating a product, vendors have the option to include a Growing Guide, Product Instructions, Unpacking Instructions and/or Storage Instructions that will show up on the product page as well as be e-mailed to customers when they place an order.

Some of our Coming Features

LeeFee Local
LeeFee Social
LeeFee Wiki
LeeFee Wholesale

Read more about our coming features.