What You’re Supporting

We began our stewardship of 100+ acres of mountain land in Upstate NY over 20 years ago.  Our focus and purpose on this land is to provide stewardship and sanctuary for the Natural world to maintain it’s own balance with minimal interference from humans.  To remain wild and free.  To explore the sacred bond between Earth and humans.  We are a plant, wildlife and butterfly sanctuary.

We use the proceeds from LeeFee Market to support and fund the maintenance and expansion of native and pollinating species of plants, expanding the lands that we steward, providing habitat and refuge for animals, insects, birds and more.  We wish to share this magical space with people that love and respect the Earth, who wish to contribute to a conservation project through their own presence and mindfulness.

As LeeFee Market evolves we hope to be able to contribute to other projects that protect and support the Earth and all the dwell on her.  We will keep growing and evolving, just like our Green Friends!